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Wow, the cover of this book didn’t look nearly as good as the spine did. Just the giant block words of "me" and "you" from the spine put on the cover with the author's name on the bottom instead of the top. Why did he pick this out again? Oh right, the book was yellow and yellow was a colour he particularly happened to like. It was bright, lively, probably the opposite of him but it was something he was sorta attracted to. Platonically, of course. Kinda hard to have romantic feelings towards an inanimate object. Of course there were someone he remembered from a believe it or not book who if he remembered correctly tried to marry his playstation but that got denied. Jeremy wasn’t sure whether the person was doing it ironically or not but if he wasn’t then good for him? Love was love, of course. Maybe Jeremy would think that it was weird if one happened to love their inanimate objects but he wouldn’t really judge much more than that, though.

Speaking of love and judging, did Rea think that Jeremy was a creep or something? Because he found that equal parts both annoying and humourous. Annoying because it meant that he had to become a part of the situation so that he could rectify Rea’s misinterpretation (and because of the fact that he was accused of being a creep in the first place, which just kinda sucked for reasons that were pretty obvious), and humorous because wow, how delusional would you need to be to equate someone briefly looking at you as they entered the room to be them checking you out? It was kinda like those people on tumblr who equated looking at a person to sexual harassment except not as drastic, not as much social suicide for everyone involved and sexual harassment was actually something serious. Definitely more serious than this but still, kinda needed rectifying.

“Wolves are cool,” he said, still not looking up from the book. “Also I was looking at everyone who was also in the room as I entered so I could get a grasp of the situation. I don’t think that really carries an ulterior motive unless you think otherwise.”

Colder than usual, but kinda unavoidable considering her questioning and the fact that she was actually getting on his nerves, a little bit. Hopefully she wouldn’t jump on him again now.

Then Asha joined the conversation, leaning against Jeremy’s table. She was pretty cool; kinda perky goth girl who was on Jeremy’s “I haven’t really talked to you that much but you seem interesting so ideally I’d like to talk to you more” list. This was ideally not the best time for Jeremy to be able to talk to her more but if it helped him get out of the current situation with Rea then all the more reason to talk to her, he supposed.

“Hey Asha,” he said, looking up from the book. “Mostly trying to read, although I wouldn’t really mind a little company.”
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