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Everything, once again, happened so fast. Fiyori's breakdown, the animal talk, the falling behind on her studies. She needed to concentrate on something else than people. At the same time, however, she didn't want to be rude to Rea until this man - boy, really - came along. Rea looked at Jeremy suspiciously, like he was some kind of hyena creeping through the jungle.

Wait a second, did hyenas lived in the jungle? In the Lion King, they lived in some sort of plain or something. Anyway, Jeremy seemed to have alerted Rea's sixth sense, which was guessing what animal they were best represented by. Dorothy didn't want to take part in the "what animal are you" buzzfeed-like type of discussion, he shad other things to do.

"Hey, I'll let you mingle together, I need to go the bathroom and then get something to eat. See you soon Rea and, um, you."

She packed up her stuff, making sure everything was inside of it. Cellphone, books, pencil case, friendship bracelets, everything was there! With that, she left the library.

(Dorothy Shelley wandered off into the abyss)
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