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"Sorry, just, you saying a thing like that all serious looking and sounding and stuff...funny to me, you with me?"

Kinda strange. Understatement, really. Beaks did look like a total goof, his self-appraisal was right. And he didn't wear it well at all. This guy was two steps short of being legitimately annoying. Not a particularly impressive distance to close. One second they were talking book reports and the next, suddenly, there would be elephants and trumpets parading through the room as Beaks guided them to and through bumfuck all in a fit of inspired idiocy.

Like, dude. It hadn't even been funny.

Crazily enough Beaks actually managed to produce a fairly decent suggestion. 'Split up gang' rarely worked in the cartoons, but shit it probably had a good shot here. At least two of the dorks in the room had enough mental acumen to be trusted with quote mining sans supervision. Seemed like decent enough odds. Final product would probably look good at sixty-six something percent, however all that math worked out.

And Scarlett agreed too, so Ben nodded. "With Scarlett on this one, divvying up the work should get us somewhere. Look for quotes and all. Maybe remind ourselves of whatever we forgot." Or in Beak's case, likely, see it all for the first time. "I can get the last two acts and Beaks can take the first act." As if it was decided Ben was already hauling ass through the book. Pages old as time itself were brusquely shoved aside for the millionth time in their existence.
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