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"Ever heard the song 'Sex 'n Drugs 'n Rock and Roll?' Last night was the tamer verison, that being alcohol, groping and shitty pop music. A pretty typical party to be honest. As to why I'm up? Got drunk, didn't drink enough, woke up at four with my head feeling like someone's playing drum and bass inside of it..." She paused to take a sip from the can and continued. "Took... Three? I think three... Maybe two, can't quite recall... No, definitely three..." Maria faded out for a second, face creased in concentration before resuming her sentence. "Never mind. Took painkillers, found some clothes and walked outside to clear my head."

She stopped talking for a moment and sighed. "If I wasn't hammered, I'd be thinking up a new recipie, or researching for some fresh ones. I can't find anything original without hours and hours and hours of wasted time, copied recipes down to the gram and 'experimental' chefs creating culinary abominations like CHOCOLATE COVERED BEEF." Her eyes darted back and forth between the two, and she giggled. "You don't want to hear about all of that though... Unless you do, in which case I have an entire YouTube channel dedicate..." She cut the sentence short. "Sorry, I babble a bit when I'm hungover." She turned to Amanda. "And what are you doing in the middle of Sumac Park at half-five?"
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