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For a brief moment Maxim was all too worried that he was going to grip Cristo's hand too tightly, somehow manage to scare the other boy off, right in front of the finish line. That fear however, evaporated as soon as their hands met. He had expected it to feel wrong, unpleasant, icky, itchy and many more less than desirable terms. Yet it just felt...normal? Neutral, more like. Just a quick touch of foreign flesh, one firm shake and it was over. Really not that bad. Still, he had no desire to repeat that gesture all too soon.

Cristo was grinning at him. Maybe he was amused somehow? He most certainly seemed to be content. Happy, even. Yes, there was no reason to worry, no reason at all. It was done, dealt with, happy ending achieved. Maybe it was the overwhelming feeling of relief washing over him, or maybe that other boy's smile was just highly contagious, either way, Maxim had to smile back at him.

"I'll be looking forward to it. So yeah...thanks again." The car pulling up behind them in that moment turned out to be yet another relief. He had already run out of things to say, without sounding awkward in any case. So his disappointment about his potential newfound buddy leaving didn't last all too long. He waved back at Cristo as he left, still keeping up his smile. Yeah, it was for the best, really. He'd think of more things to talk with him about until their next planned meeting, he was sure of it. Maybe the two of them even shared some hobbies, who could know? Almost too good to be true, but quite possible. Still, he was content with how it had turned out either way. Could have handled it worse, way worse. Result spoke for itself.

Maxim kept sitting at the lonely bench for several more minutes, silently contemplating what to do next with his day, until he finally concluded that he had no clue. Which basically translated to him going back home and continuing his campaign of Neverwinter Nights. And he was totally fine with that. After all, he had certainly achieved more than enough for one day.

((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued elsewhere))
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