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He didn't even look at her when he spoke. He just stared down at his book, speech thrown in the vague direction of Rea.

There was definitely something off about this guy. The way he walked into the library, stood there staring at each of the girls individually for what seemed to her minutes, and then sat down by himself, opening a book and becoming lost in it.

Of course, the boy wasn't the strangest occurrence in the library in the last ten minutes, as a severely damaged chair lying on the floor would show. The two girls on one of the other tables had apparently had a fight, a large one by the looks of things.

The darker-haired one with the glasses had become enraged by the other, dramatically throwing a chair to the ground in a fit of rage.

Rea had no idea why, though. All she saw happen was the other girl clasp the dark-haired one by the arm and walk off. Which seemingly enraged her. Maybe there was something wrong with her? After all, this was the same girl who had theatrically pointed at her, accusing her of being overly loud in the library, so maybe she wasn't fully herself today?

From what she'd heard around the school, a rumoured drug habit might have something to do with it. But what did she know, she wasn't an accomplished neurosurgeon like her mother (yet).

But that was all over now, and she probably didn't want to know anyway. And besides, the boy had spoken to her (and proven exceptionally good hearing in the process).

"Fine, what animal would you be then?" She replied to him. "And who are you, anyway, and what were you doing staring at us when you walked in?"
Rea had decided to get information about the boy from the boy himself, suddenly disregarding the option to have a quiet conversation in the library and substituting it with a rather louder conversation across the library.

This, coupled with the somewhat loud noise she made waking up made her wonder how long it would be before she was kicked out. Even if she was, though, it wasn't much of a problem.

There were plenty more places in the school to sleep.

I'm still here, just lurking though for the most part.
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