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"High Road. It's by Mastodon."

Cameron finally managed to retrieve her iPhone from the foot well.

"From their new album Once More 'Round the Sun. It's cool, you'd like it. Loads of killer riffs. You know that song we cover? 'Blood and Thunder'? That's by them too."

Her sentences were fast and clipped, almost like a firecracker, she was trying to get everything she wanted to say out.

"It's not a concept album like their last three though, which was a bit disappointing."

Cameron felt a certain sense of ease come over her as she talked about music with Vanessa. She knew that it was supposed to be distracting her from what from happening, she knew the tricks people used. But she also knew Vans was doing it to save her from herself. She appreciated that. It was part of why she liked Vanessa, sure she could be prickly but she helped anchor Cameron, without her things would just spiral out into eternity and there wouldn't be much left.

Maybe that was too melodramatic or deep. But the point was the same.

She wanted to keep the good times going though and she had something she wanted to unveil anyway. She looked out the window, watching as they kept their steady pace through the desert.

"I've written a concept album for the band you know."
Forrest Quin - At the Zoo
Bret Carter - On a date
Aliya Kimia Nemati - In Training
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