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So, how did She feel? The star pupil brought down to hell with the common demon. No, that was wrong. Fiyori wouldn't dare to let herself be called 'common'. She definitely wasn't 'common' by any stretch of imagination. Still, the sentiment was there. Georgia Lee Day, in a room together with Fiyori Senay and there was nothing She could do about it.

She probably screamed about it. Injustice, She called it. Unfair. Horribly misjudged. Not out loud, of course. Fiyori would have heard it, and still kinda waited for it, but she was sure that those words were present in GLD's head. She wasn't the kinda person to admit any wrong-doing. She was the perfect girl. She was good. She was full of virtue. Well, in this particular case she was more or less in the right. More than less, even. Fiyori realized so, but she felt her assessment of Her general person to be fairly decent anyway.

She looked back, glanced. Maybe she was delirious, but for some reason, GLD carried herself differently. Less despair, and more an odd sense of triumph. Maybe Fiyori read her face and posture wrong, maybe She really felt good. About Fiyori being punished, not about them sharing a room.

Fiyori sighed. Leaned to the side and started rummaging through her bag. She thought she was all out of food, but then she remembered. The evening before, she was feeling kinda bored. So she went ahead and made some bread on her own. Spiced bread, of course. Stuff you could eat - or well, Fiyori could eat - all on its own. It's crunchy texture giving way to a soft inside, which coated the tongue with many exotic and well-known flavors. Had she remembered, she would have shared with some classmates.

She remembered now, so she would share. Now.

Fiyori left her place, the bread in hand and walked over to Her place. The bread, cold and yet free of it's containment, released a fresh odor. Fiyori looked to meet Her eyes, and offered the bread.

"A peace offering, if you will. And if you won't, you can have it anyway."
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