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This was awkward.

Alvaro stood with Lily within a group of people. Not at the centre, they were more off to the southeast side of the gym, the way that they came being behind Alvaro and the door they entered being viewable if Alvaro turned his head to his side. Not that he’d do that considering that Lily was right in front of him and he wanted to give her his attention but it helped him know where he was proportional to the directions of the room. Both of them were in the middle of the crowd because Alvaro wanted to dance with her because of a feeling of obligation, but then it turned out that neither of them really knew what to do so they were just kinda standing here twiddling their thumbs, Alvaro awkwardly looking around the room trying not to stare Lily in the eyes.

The silence (or really silence between the two, considering the dancing and music booming around them) was soon broken by Lily asking if they should just go back. Alvaro’s eyes went back to look at hers, partially out of politeness but mostly because the situation felt somewhat serious enough to warrant him actually bearing himself to look at her. She was right. This was awkward. Hindsight meant that he may as well have gone out here to dance in the case that they actually knew what to do but they didn’t and they were just kinda standing there looking like something not smart.

“Yeah… I agree. I think we should go back.”

As much as it pained him to say so. He was fine with just them talking on the sidelines for the rest of the night, but he felt like not being able to dance with her was going to be a massive thing that loomed over this night tainting it and stopping it from being something that he could call good. It wasn’t even that he wanted to dance with Lily because he wanted to dance with Lily, it was like he wanted to dance with her because he felt obligated to because of the name of the place and because it was what everyone else was doing and honestly he didn’t even know why he just felt like he had to more than anything.

Still, though, maybe he could enjoy tonight. He was here specifically to be with the girl he loved and talk to her and at least have a little fun. If he moped about a lost opportunity then he couldn’t really have any fun with her and considering that this was Lily that wouldn’t do. If he wanted to enjoy tonight, then maybe the first thing he should do was accept the apology, give a clean slate to everyone involved so that things could start again.

“It’s fine, I should be the one apologising, anyway,” he said, leading Lily out of the crowd of people. Didn’t really know where to go after this, but maybe he could just talk with Lily a bit and figure out where to go from there.
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