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“Hey, I’m not a giraffe,” Jeremy said, talking to nobody in particular but words being directed at the person who just called him a giraffe. “I don’t know what animal I’d actually be but my tallness definitely doesn’t come from my neck.”

Little odd how he was able to hear that but that was his ears, for you. They were weird. Sometimes they could be really good at listening to individual things like individual layers of songs or conversations from another group of people he was talking to but sometimes they just decided to mess with him and he needed to ask what someone said three times before he could finally understand. It was annoying when that happened, it made him look kinda like an idiot and it gave his parents fuel against him so preferrably he wanted his hearing to be above average, rather than far below average. Luckily for him, today was a good day for his sense of hearing or something. Made this situation a little more bearable for him. The fact that he had been called a giraffe going in was a sign that he was going to regret this, but at least he could actually be smart about things.

Also not a good sign was the fact that the one person he had actual experience talking to and the other person that he actually knew a little about had just left. Georgia first, with Fiyori following. He wasn’t really sure what was up with that, but given that neither even spared a glance at him he both assumed and hoped that it wasn’t him. Wait, if they didn’t even notice him how could it be an issue with him? Okay, good point. It had nothing to do with him. In that case, it wasn’t really his problem then. Maybe one of the two who didn’t leave would be interested in why that happened and maybe they would follow but Jeremy wasn’t really interested in making it his problem. He could always just say sorry to Fiyori about ditching her with Brendan another time. He still had a bit of school left to do that.

Although he was now alone with the less interesting group, which might be a little bit of a problem. Well okay, “less interesting” might be a little mean and it was definitely him jumping to conclusions. Maybe these two people he didn’t really know were entertaining people! It wouldn’t be a total surprise! Still, his main avenue to interacting with the group just up and left, and although one of those two made reference to him with him responding he wasn’t really sure whether that would continue or not. Still, he was at a desk, and the opportunity was there, so maybe he should just look at the book a bit more before he made a judgement?

Yeah, that seemed like a good plan. Wait, he had been thinking up that phrase a lot recently. Wasn’t really quite sure where specifically he thought up the phrase but maybe he’d have to look up a thesaurus. Put some variety in his brain as well as in his daily life.
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