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It took him a few seconds to fully grasp what it was Bradley just said. Finally made 'click', like a tiny, tiny cogwheel finding its place. Usually, Aiden was the first guy to burst out laughing at every stupid-ass joke like some kind of retarded hyena or something. And still, even though it really, really rubbed him the wrong way, he had to give the bastard some credit: Fucking line wasn't half bad, no knee-slappity-slapper or anything, but still, sorta clever.

Only this was the wrong subject at the wrong time in the wrong place to be fucking clever, so it was. 'least for that mug o' lard sitting at the other side of the table, still wearing that goddamn grin. So the guy was really tryin' to bust his balls after all, maybe slurp'em up after too. Greedy fuckin' shitbiscuit.

But like...shit, had to calm his pepperonis, so he did. Way he was subconsciously clenchin' his fist and all, couldn't go full on rage mode just like that.

He tried to relax his muscles, set his arms on the table again, just letting them rest. Going limp like an old school pimp or- something. So yeah, Bradman had managed to piss him off, way too easily at that. Still though, could he even really blame the guy? Must have been tempting, making that joke and all, score a goal when his defense was down like that. Most peeps woulda done that, right?

Then again...that guy seriously looked like he was enjoying himself way too much. No way he was just seeing things this time, that look, that goddamn smarmy-larmy smile; that dude knew he was fucking with him, had to. Prolly ate like a fucking pig on purpose too, hauling out the big guns and stuff. Looked like it was true what people said about the guy after all, he really was a bag of douches. Wouldn't get under his skin though, not any more than that, no way, José. Would give the dude one last chance to try and redeem himself. Something something love thy neighbor.

"Look, maybe I was stuttering before or maybe you oughta get your ears examined or something, yeah? Either way, I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that last bit you said, B-Man." He ruffled his hair with one hand, tried to keep his fingers busy, what with them being all twitchy like a bitch. "You want us to continue sharing this table, you withdraw the word 'family' from your vocabulary for the next couple minutes, you with me?"
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