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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from The Library is the powerhouse of the student]]

Fiyori looked down on the paper in front of her. She wrote something down. With a pen. She slid it across the paper and something blue came out. It seemed like there were words, but for some reason Fiyori couldn't tell. Yes, her mind knew, of course. Those were words she wrote down. Words because she had a task, a paper to write. And yet she looked down on those things her mind so reassuringly called 'words', and all of a sudden that confidence was gone. All her eyes saw was a bunch of blue scribbles and lines carelessly strewn across some sort of white background.

She sighed. She fucked this one up as well now, did she not? Couldn't help but fuck it up. No way anyone was ever going to see what she just produced and say 'Yes, this is a well-formulated response'.

So, what happened?

Well, for starters – Fiyori felt very angry and that all of a sudden. At a young woman whose name was Georgia Lee Day. She wanted to hear the name coming from Her own mouth, but someone else mentioned it as they reprimanded Fiyori. Couldn't help but learn it at that point, no?

She was very angry at GLD. Saying 'very angry' sounded childish and for some reason unable to truly encapsulate the true intensity of what she felt, but Fiyori said 'very angry' very often now. People asked her, asked them, and that is what she said. It felt odd. It felt like an understatement. But there was no other word she could use talk about her feelings without getting into even more trouble.

So yes, she was very angry. And she was so very angry that Fiyori tackled Georgia Lee Day from behind as they both left the Beale library of Cochise High. Fiyori may have called Her a cunt. She may have also bitten Her. In Her defense, GLD started punching. The punches hurt quite a bit. And She may or may not have stopped punching when Fiyori did.

It wasn't her brightest decision, no. It was actually pretty reprehensible and even Fiyori felt terrible. Not just because she now was stuck in detention. No, also because she was in shock. How could she'd be acting so recklessly, so violent? So emotional?

They said there wouldn't be more consequences. Their records had been pretty much spotless. Fiyori's and GDL's. Fiyori got in trouble here and there, but she was smart enough. She didn't get in trouble with cops. She didn't get in trouble with the teachers at Cochise. She was the rowdy, useless student, but she didn't register as dangerous or delinquent on the radars of the authorities. Still, when they said 'your spotless record', whom they really talked to was GLD.

After all, Fiyori Senay was just the deadbeat idiot who would be gone in a few weeks anyway. What reason was there to start something big if she even apologized? Granted, it was a fake apology. A small one. More mumbled. She could've given a more sincere one, but all things considered... apologizing would have felt wrong too.
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