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She did not notice him. Jeremy, that is. She did not even notice Rea and Dorothy. She noticed them before. Obviously. She could still do that, of course. Fiyori had a pair of ears, after all. They were - regardless of mother's words - well-functioning. So the physical sensation their voices reaching her ears persisted, and yet here she was. Standing atop, above Rainy. And she couldn't hear them. Not even as a distraction on the side or the static chattering of a typical background scene. No, she couldn't hear anything but what was so right in front of her.

She was breathing. She was breathing too. Fiyori stared into her eyes. She stared back. There was so much in them. Hate, maybe. Disgust, yes. Definitely disgust. A repulsion, reflected in her movements, reflected in the way she breathed, even. For some reason, seeing her breathe like that, hearing her do so, and meeting her eyes in that locked state. For some reason, it disgusted Fiyori, too.

She didn't know why. She couldn't know why.

Then, all of a sudden. Something changed. She took a hold of her book. She raised herself from the chair. She gave Fiyori a quick smile. A fake one, obviously, but one faked-well. And yet, all Fiyori could give as answer was a confused look. Then she grabbed her arm. Clasped it, just lightly.

Took her. Left her.

Fiyori looked after her, but She didn't look back. Fiyori looked, and gazed, and watched, and viewed and seethed in blinding rage. Drool welled up in her, her fingers burrowed deep into the old and soft wood of the table. All she could see where flashes of white and all she could hear was the thumping of her heart. All she could feel was the chair she threw to the side and all she could do was her leap after Her.

[[Fiyori Senay continued in Acid Rain]]
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