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Penelope smiled as Samuel said yes to going to the dance, and slowly relaxed in his embrace.

Penelope closed her eyes and gently rubbed her head on Samuel's chest. She loved these moments that the two shared with each other. "Let's just stay here for now, yeah? We can talk dance plans... later." She said, quietly.

She opened her eyes briefly to look at the TV, the noise and warm glow emanating around the room. Despite looking at it, she couldn't make out what was being played or being said because it didn't matter what was actually playing on it at this point. All that mattered right now was the two of them, together and happy. Maybe she was just young and naive, but Penelope legitimately believed that she and Samuel were going to be together forever. She loved him, and he returned the favor. Despite that all they were planning to do is go to a dance that she thought was somewhat arbitrary, she started to think more about their future together. She rubbed her head on Samuel's chest again. She hoped that they would be the one lucky couple to be high school sweethearts and then wind up happily married. The odds were against them, but she believed.

Penelope wiggled her lips back and forth as she considered something else. She leaned over towards the edge of the couch and grabbed her bag. "Hey, Sam... I have an idea... if you're up for it..."

((Penelope Fitzgerald and Samuel Howard continued elsewhere...))
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