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Wouldn't this have been a sweet thread?

Two Cochise students, let down by the promises of others and scorned by the burdens of social custom, perhaps finding an unusual friendship forming over their shared fate.

At worst, perhaps, it would have been awkward. Clumsy attempts at icebreakers, an unintended personality clash, some perceived slight bubbling over into a simmering tension that would have added a nasty denouement to an already unenviable day. Alice's current shy vulnerability and Georgia's duplicitous attempts at keeping her Tinder life secret from her classmates did not, perhaps, create the safest combination, especially when it was only luck and circumstance that the two currently had in common. Even then, though, this whole affair descending into anything worse than passive aggressive eye-rolling would have been unlikely.

At least, that's how Bradley saw things. There would be no chaos, no drama, nothing but fraudulent and insincere chumminess. He viewed what he did as a public service.

Bradley had left the dance early. There was no great story there. He had seen the options available, and noticed that it would be slightly too hard to smuggle in actual good booze. Not worth the hassle. Nah. He could wet his palate far easier on the outside, without having teachers watching his every move.

So he had left.

And went to a restaurant.

As (his) luck would have it, there were two faces he recognised there. Bradley made sure he recognised faces. Knew people well. Something of a social butterfly.

Well, a social moth.


He strode across the room to them as he entered.

"You both look wonderful today, if I may so!"

Hopefully one of them would be one of those feminazis who didn't like being complimented. That'd be fun. He could roll with that. Get a fun night out of it, whatever happened.
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