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Alice smiled, tentatively.

"Oh, if you say so, I..." Alice took a seat, wringing her hands in her lap, under the table. "Thanks."

The girl seemed to have an odd air about her. Alice was pretty sure her name was Georgia Lee; they were in the same grade, after all. She was also pretty sure that Georgia Lee was not popular with some people, as she'd definitely overheard derisive comments about the girl. Alice felt a pang of sympathy; she'd been subject to criticism before, and it always crushed her. Georgia must've been strong to handle that and still be so polite to a relative stranger.

Plus, from how the poor thing seemed antsy, she got the feeling Georgia wasn't just here for a meal.

And she even complimented her dress. "Oh, thank you." Alice smiled more confidently now. It was a pretty normal pastel blue sundress, nothing standout. Still, Alice had thought it looked good on her, and hearing the reassurance was nice. Alice looked at Georgia's own dress. "I like it, and I guess that's what's important. You look great, though! Yours suits you perfectly."

A short pause ensued. Then, Alice worked up the nerve to ask what she hoped wasn't too probing of a question. "How have you been? We haven't talked much, so...yeah. Excited for senior year?" Alice felt a little more confident now, but there was something else about Georgia. A sort of frailty, an exposure of some kind that reminded Alice of the time in the museum...
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