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Hi! A few of your characters caught my eye to have relationships with my girl, Lili Williams. She hasn't been approved quite yet, but I'd like to start building a framework of relationships beforehand.

Joshua Bracewell and Lili would probably know each other, as they both play Flute and may have been involved in the same concert band together. His fondness of classical music would be respected by Lili, who is into more obscure (and pretentious) music. Even though Joshua is a more popular kid, his good nature personality is one that Lili would be able to hang around despite being less popular around school.

Despite not interacting much, Lili would probably respect Hazel's anti-bullying ideals due to being bullied herself at a young age. Other than that, the two don't have much in common with each other.

Oskar Pearce on the surface looks like somebody that Lili wouldn't care for personality wise, but the two might have been acquainted at some point over books. Lili probably went to the bookstore he works at several times to look for history books, and the two could've ended up talking. Like his profile suggests, Lili would consider Oskar non-threatening, and Oskar's more socially adept nature would make it easier for the two to end up talking at some point. I'm open to the two being friends or even just acquaintances.
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