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Georgia Lee put the back of her hand to her mouth and pretended to chew, raising her other hand in apology. She waited until her heart had slowed down and she could trust her voice not to crack, and then gave the girl her attention.

"No, not busy. Feel free to, ahh..." she gestured towards the seat opposite her, and began to clear her things off of the table, stuffing them into the bag on the bench next to her. She spared a glance at her phone as she put it away. The space where a message received LED would flash remained stubbornly dark, but the eyes that reflected back at her were clear, and her mascara was still in place. That, at least, was something. Georgia Lee looked back up at the girl.

She was dressed up. Was she here under similar circumstances to Georgia Lee? Had she been sitting here, by herself too, watching Georgia Lee being stood up? No, breathe, calm. Georgia Lee had scanned the room, what? A dozen times? The girl's name wasn't coming to mind, but her face was certainly familiar. There was no way Georgia Lee wouldn't have noticed her.

What did she want? There wasn't malice on her face, which is what Georgia Lee would have expected had she come over here to mock her. Nor was there pity, which would have been worse. She looked... nervous, perhaps? Intimidated? It was better by far, Georgia Lee reasoned, to be fearsome than pathetic, but the girl looked like she was getting ready to bolt at the drop of a hat, and really that was too much.

It wasn't that Georgia Lee wanted to talk to her, really. Having to sit through some awkward, stilted conversation with someone from school was far from the top of her list, in terms of how she'd wanted to spend this night. Still, it was higher on said list than having said classmate see her sitting by herself, being pathetic. Georgia Lee had, she decided, had entirely enough of sitting by herself being pathetic.

"Please, sit!" She raised a napkin to her mouth as if to dab at crumbs and wiped her nose in a manner that she hoped was covert.

"I like your dress."

Georgia Lee chanced a smile.

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