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Rea just wanted the time and who she was. Not that much of a big deal, really. Most people forgot Dorothy after meeting, they just needed a little refresher and they'll be just fine. She seemed kinda irritate and kinda annoyed though, but wasn't that her everyday mood? Or maybe it was jus the mood she had around Dorothy? Or mayb-

Check the time, goddammit. She muttered a 'yeah sure' while spinning her body around toward the table. She pulled on the cord of of her earphones, saving her cellphone from the weight of the pencil case. She pressed on the home button. Twice. Activating the voice of Siri asking about what she needed to do. She pushed a third time and there it was: the time.

"It's Dorothy, we met once or twice at the hospital 'coz our moms work at the same place," she said that a little tiny bit too loud, trying to save herself on a 'shhhh!' from someone like the librarian, she whispered, "its lunch and it's ele-"

Wait, that's someone staring at Rea. Man, those eyes were filled with disdain, but Dorothy tried her best to be as quiet as possible. Not enough for some people apparently. Dorothy wasn't the only one realizing that because Rea asked about the girl. She just raised her shoulder quickly and let out a sigh. It was just someone with a bad day.

She'd love if it was just it. Just a bitter student with a bad day, but something was off. Like something was out of place. Where she was sitting, she saw another girl giggling and chuckling. Then what followed was out of a play, a movie, something on TV or whatever, not something real. The girl, well more the woman with her height and demeanors, pointed toward Dorothy and Rea. That was so weird, especially what she said. Did Fiyori, or Fiori or Fyino or Fioni or Fyuni, and Something Lee knew each other? Were they friends or something?

Well, that was weird.

"Anyways," she said to Rea, her eyes still locked on the scene, "how are you doing?"
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