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So many things were happening at once in the library: people talking, people hitting themselves on objects, people yelling, and a person casting a shadow over her doodles. It took some time for Dorothy to register the information, to process what she was hearing, and to stop what she was doing. With the Taylor Swift's blasting in her earphones, it was hard to understand what the mysterious shadow caster someone was saying. She pulled out her earphones and turned around mouthing a slow 'what'.

" ... 'he time?" It was the only word thing she understood from the skinny, confused student. She looked like a mess, but her face reminded her of someone.

Oh, it was just Rea. That was her name, right? They knew each other because their mom worked at the same place as a doctor and a nurse. They also shared their first-aid knowledge, but that was it. They were polar opposites, really.

Anyways, she seemed lost like she was taken from another dimension. Did she fell asleep in the library? That must have been awkward. From fragments of conversation with her, Dorothy understood that Rea didn't have good night of sleep. She believed it was insomnia that disturbed her non-existing sleep schedule.

"I'm sorry but what did you just say? I missed out on that part." She was aware enough of her peers to ask Rea without using her normal voice, using a more quiet and hushed one. She didn't want to disturb everyone in the room.
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