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[Georgia Lee Day continued from Go Home, Georgia Lee]

People were yelling in the library. It wasn't even that people weren't trying to be quiet, which in and of itself was frankly inconsiderate. People were actually trying to be louder. They were going out of their way to disturb their fellow students. They sat, in a peaceful, quiet space meant for individual reading and silent study and thought, presumably "oh this is lovely, let's ruin it."

Georgia Lee glanced up from her book, Monsters of the Dark Continent: The Fauna of Africa, toward the source of the racket. It was a girl, tall, whom she recognized from the year above her, though she couldn't think of her name. Naturally she was the height of a small building, and naturally she weighed about as much as Georgia Lee's book. Perhaps she'd met Fiyori, shopping for clothes at whatever shop sold clothes for NBA players, and they'd swapped tips on how best to aggravate Georgia Lee. Perhaps when one gets to a certain height and a certain skinniness, it just became too hard to get blood to the part of the brain that made one considerate.

Georgia Lee leafed through her book briefly, to see if she was anywhere near the section on Giraffes. She wasn't, and Georgia Lee was loath to skip ahead. A pity, she thought. It would be interesting to see whether Giraffes were also thoughtless and horrible toward their peers.

The tall girl was talking to someone now. Just to really make sure that person was thoroughly disturbed, no doubt. Why take the chance that her shrieking hadn't completely derailed everyone's train of thought, after all. At least the girl was thorough in her commitment to ruining the study space for everyone else, Georgia Lee supposed.

She debated whether to say anything. On principle she should, she knew, but it had not, in past, worked well for her. Getting into some argument with this girl would not aid her study in any way, and would only distract her further. Not to mention, it'd give her and Fiyori something to talk about when they were grazing on the leaves of trees together, or... doing whatever else it was that Giraffes did. Being mascots for Toys 'R Us. Giving birth to enormous young. That sort of thing.

No, it was best to keep to herself in this, Georgia Lee decided. She settled for simply giving the girl the dirtiest of dirty looks and then returned to her study, trying to focus herself. If the girl felt the need to be distracting others, it was no doubt because she herself was failing, and wanted to drag her peers down with her. Georgia Lee refused to take the bait.

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