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Kizi chuckled, but she didn't quite get the "melodramatic" joke. The whole 'Irish names begin with O and then an apostrophe' thing wasn't really on the forefront of her mind right now. She'd probably get it later, plus a few awesome witty retorts to boot, when she was brushing her teeth or something. But for now, well, the cadence and context suggested it was yet another pun, so she chuckled, as she knew that would alleviate any hurt or suspicion from her not getting it.

Well, she felt bad for lying already. And it'd bug her.

She was too busy ruminating on her options to really quite respond to Aiden's next set of comments in real time. "Yeah, they're great!" Her reply to his 'lovely bunch' comment was devoid of any recognition of even a hint of sarcasm or feigned friendliness in his voice. "Good friends of mine, love 'em both."

"Sure! A drink sounds good! Do you know if they have OJ here?"

And before she forgot...

"Also, I didn't get the melodramatic joke. It was a joke, right?"
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