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Vanessa groaned and rolled her eyes.

No, she didn’t enjoy seeing Cams when she got like this. She actually really hated it when her best friend started having one of her panic attacks, because more often than not it led to really shitty things that she’d rather not think about. She definitely didn’t enjoy knowing that she was at least partly responsible for it, if only indirectly and as a consequence of Cams’ dick move that was bringing in Coleen in the first place.

She didn’t enjoy Cams’ offer either, though, because it had missed the point entirely.

“Calm the fuck down, will you?” she sighed, trying to offer her friend some kind of comforting smile, but only really managing a non-hostile glance.

What she wanted to do was explain why she was so pissed off and convince Cams to reconsider who was doing what in the band and what was the right way to go about these things.

She couldn’t do that though, as putting together a concise and reasoned statement was not her forte when she happened to be in a bad mood, so instead she settled for trying to stop her friend from freaking out next to her with a hearty distraction.

“This track’s not bad. What’s it called?”
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