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((Maria Cucinotta continued from Let's Get Cooking!))

"I just can't get you outta my head, boy your love is all I think about..." Maria paused the song briefly and dug in her pockets to find some cash. Although early, there were still a good few people hanging around the park, which didn't really surprise her to be honest. She yawned. Whilst normally, she'd still be asleep in bed, she'd woken up early and hadn't been able to get back to sleep. She fished out a few quarters and a five dollar bill, and paced up to the vending machine.

She fed the note in, only for the machine to whir and reject it. She growled, flattened it out and repeated the process. Finally, after much swearing, smoothing and some liberal hammering of the machine to vent her frustration, a Red Bull clanked to the plastic floor of the machine. Sighing, she picked it up and popped the tab. Just as she turned to walk down one of the many winding pathways that lead into the park, she spotted two girls from her school.

She smoothed out her shirt, one of the many 'Daddy's Little Monster' ones that had started to pop up ever since Suicide Squad was announced, and slipped her headphones down onto her shoulders. She looked at the two girls, willing her hungover and tired brain to remember something. The girl with the bright blue hair... Rena? Rain? Something R... Raina! That was it! Although the two barley knew each other, it was, in fact, Raina who had inspired the bright pink highlights currently streaking down her hair. She was, however one hundred percent sure she had no idea about this. The other girl was easy, as it was her friend Amanda.

She walked up to them and caught the end of Amanda's sentence, waiting a few seconds before inserting herself into the conversation. "Morning all, how're you all doing?"
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