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There was something to be said for the persistence Jerry was showing. Trav would have guessed from the tough talk that Jerry would have buckled quickly under pressure, he was being proved wrong. He hadn't really shown anything amazing but Trav knew you could far off pure stubbornness and a desire to be the best.

Jerry was waiting for him to make the next move. Made sense, when you fight a counter-fighter you could either try and draw out shots with footwork and feints or you could force them to lead. Shaking his head slightly and grinning at Jerry's gesture for him to bring it. Having loosened up enough Trav decided to give Jerry what he wanted, he'd just have some fun at the same time.

He switched stances to orthodox as he moved forward with a stepping left hook. His left leg and arm moving at almost the same time. As the distance was closed he faked throwing a right front kick, raising the knee only to quickly lift his left leg up into a flying head kick.

Who said you couldn't put on a show when you fought?
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