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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The right leg was caught.

Awwwwwww nuts.

The left leg was pulled out from under him.


Jerry landed hard on his backside and yanked his legs inward in an effort to free himself. This came all too easily, almost as if Trav had simply wanted to let him go. Or maybe he just wasn't ready for such an awesome maneuver! Either way, all was going according to keikaku. Jerry rolled his weight back to his shoulders and threw his heels over his head in a backroll, pushing up to his knees and guarding the kick to his head he thought was coming.

He realized about then that Trav really wasn't following up with an attack. Why, was it pity? Jerry scowled past his mouthguard at the thought, but stood up and touched a glove before backing up a few steps.

Gotta collect himself. Gotta think of a way to totally wow this guy. Too early to throw a roundhouse. It'd be a terrible tactical decision to throw a roundhouse anyway.

Damn it, he REALLY wanted to throw a roundhouse.

Jerry raised his knee then lowered it, repeating with the other knee. He gestured a quick 'come on' and waited.
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