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Vans took her eye off the road for the briefest moment to shoot Cameron a deadly look.

“Did you get rid of her?” she hissed, with as much venom as a rattlesnake. Of course she knew what the answer was, Cameron would’ve said something by now if Coleen had actually left, but Vanessa wanted to make sure that Cams really was just that clear on what the issue was. It would’ve been difficult for her to not know what the problem was, but Vans had known Cams long enough to know that she was some kind of Houdini when it came to making a problem disappear. It wouldn’t have surprised if her if her BFF wanted to deny that the whole thing even happened.

“Cause y’know, it’s not like I liked being a frontwoman or anything. Happy for some random bitch to take the stage out from under me with your thumbs up the whole time.”
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