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At least she’d gotten a response, it was better than nothing. Cameron lent over to grab the aux cable, doing it so carefully you would have thought that Vanessa was about to lunge across the jeep and attack her. Once that was done she plugged her iPhone in and set Once More 'Round The Sun by Mastodon to play, she’d got the CD recently and had been wanting to share it with Vans ever since she’d first listening to it. It had a lot of things she thought her friend would like. Tweaking the volume a bit so the detail of the composition was noticeable but wasn’t so loud as to be distracting she settled back into looking out the window.

About halfway through Tread Lightly the silence became so loud it was unbearable. Cameron was on a road trip to go and get tattoos, they couldn’t just sit in silence or exchange one word answers the whole time. She missed talking to her best friend.

“You should come back…Not that you left or anything but…y’know it like wouldn’t be the same without you.”

Cameron Herrig, lyricist.
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