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((Vanessa Stone continued from Smoke on her Face))

The blistering desert heat outside was in stark contrast to Vanessa’s ice cold shoulder.

In the midst of all of the excitement of Cams stabbing her in the back by recruiting some scar-face singer to replace her, their plans to get tattoos together had somehow managed to slip her mind. She hadn’t completely ignored Cams in those past two weeks, but compared to how often the two usually talked, she might as well have been dead to Vanessa.

In spite of all that, though, she’d still agreed to go and get the tattoos. In her head she had decided that she just wanted to complete her look already, but in her heart she’d missed hanging out with Cams just a little bit. You didn’t just cut things off with your best friend over one fight, after all, no matter how big a fight it might’ve been.

That said, her head wasn’t caught up with her heart yet, so the quiet anger continued to simmer.

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