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((Cameron Herrig continued from Smoke On Her Face))

Cameron sat staring out the window.

Vanessa hadn’t said anything since she had begrudgingly agreed to actually go to the tattooists. Cameron had been excited when she’d woken up, today was the day they had booked weeks ago. Today was the day she had sent off sketches for. Finally she was getting her two tattoos. One of a coyote head on her shoulder and the other an eye with a galaxy for the iris on the palm of her hand. They were heading all the way down to Phoenix to get them done, both of them had booked appointments. Cameron was seeing a guy called Earthgrasper, she had seen his art online and fallen in love with it, everything about it appealed to her, the colours, shading and designs.

Vans was getting one as well, although she had either forgotten or just didn’t want to go. Cameron snuck a glance over at Vans driving; she still felt bad about everything and things had been awkward between the two of them ever since she had invited Coleen to join the band. The desert highway was breezing past as California Girls lurched from the radio.

“Can I plug my iPhone in to the aux? Got some new stuff I want to show you.”
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