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As soon as his chin came close to making contact with Kizi's "uppercut", Aiden's facial features began to become distorted with simulated pain - all in slow mo, of course.

He grinned when he was finished, then licked his lips with delight. "Had to add that, Zee Zee. Y'know, since I'm Irish n' all. Mel O'Dramatic, you with me?" Had to watch out. One more of those and he'd risk cashing in some real punches. Pun-ishment, more like. Heh, he really was on fire tonight. Wondered what the other two thought of it though. Doubted Miss Snarky would like it all that much, but maybe -

Nevermind, off they went. Almost didn't even notice them leaving, all busy with entertaining his "date." Whatever, not like he was gonna miss'em much anyway. That Conrad dude was surprisingly okay, dull as Dutch ducks, sure, but at least not all stuck-up royalty like. Woulda expected worse, really. So little pleasant surprise there, at least.

Calamity Jane though, Big C, she was...not really scary, no, not like he was afraid of tall ladies. Couldn't tell what her deal was, maybe she didn't like him, maybe she was just all shy. Or maybe she really did just want to dance, get her groove on. Some peeps' personalities completely changed when they did specific things, all flip-floppity like. Maybe it was the same deal with her. Not his business anyway, so whatevs. 'slong as Kizi was still around, there would be no complainies from him.

"So much for that. Lovely bunch, aren‘t they?", he smirked, looking at his friend. "Looks like we scared'em off with our display of domestic violence." He shrugged, then took a second to look at his wrist watch. Still helluva lot of time to go, evening had only just started, really. Had to do something though, with dancing not being an option. Maybe get something to drink. Sounded like a good start.

"So, whaddaya say we go get ourselves something to wet our throats with, hm?"
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