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Fucking hell.

Haley couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image Jeremy’s quip gave them: a banana dildo being tossed in the air, and landing perfectly in someone’s crotch. A hole in one, Haley thought, giggling. But they retracted the mental image the second they remembered that Jeremy was talking about Emma. Don’t get them wrong, it was still funny, but Haley drew the line at imagining family in sexual situations.

Then Danny spoke up. The poor kid had his head in his hands, and Haley almost didn’t hear him. He timidly asked their group if they could focus on the assignment and not get too lewd.

Haley’s first thought was that he was a killjoy - the rest of the group was having their fun, and it wasn’t their problem if Danny couldn’t handle it. But another small part of them did feel kind of sorry for the guy, so they were ultimately neutral on the prospect. They’d already had their fun - Sovereign Haley had stepped down from the throne, and was out of the political sphere of the Banana Dildo Kingdom. Now all they had to do was sit back, relax, and watch over the kingdom from afar. Like presidents when they get too old.

It was all up to Emma and Jeremy, though they doubted that the latter would let up.

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