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Oh, justice.

It was truly sweet. People said revenge was sweet, but Bradley never cared for it. No. So much sweeter to see the world conspire in just the right way, the butterfly effect to manifest in just the perfect way, someone's actions to bite them in the ass at the right moment. So much sweeter to see the justice of nature.

But Bradley knew he could not dwell on this moment forever.

No. He moderated his grin, ceased his dancing, and temporarily suspended his mockery.

Far better to stand back. Perhaps the wheels of time would deliver more blows of justice.

And of course, Clarice knocked food onto the floor. His first instinct was to smirk. But he managed to suppress it. He had worked out she truly despised when someone took the moral high ground, when someone, whether fatuously or not, claimed to live up to the standards she espoused so vocally. So he looked at the nachos. Looked to her. Stood up straight. Walked in front of their lane.

"You know as well as I do that wasn't an accident. And you know as well as I do that all you've done is given one of the poor employees a bigger workload, and contributed to the food wastage endemic in this country. You're willing to harm innocents just to get back at me for being an unwilling beneficiary of your bad bowling skills."

He shook his head.
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