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Clarice would have been quite happy if the world had detonated at that moment.

She tried to shut out Bradley's laughter and mockery, as well as Isaac's slow clapping. She looked down at Kimiko's phone. She felt like exploding on reading it. Dammit, Kimiko, I am not in the mood for that emoticon.

But no, it wasn't Kimiko's fault, she couldn't explode at her. Clarice did a frustrated bounce, hands clenched, before sighing and trying to calm down.

Trying wasn't working. So Clarice signed at Kimiko.

One second. I need to get my ball.

With that, she stepped over the little divide that kept her from Bradkey and Isaac's area. She took a few slow, deliberate steps forward, encroaching on Bradley's space a lot more than what was necessary.

For a moment, she resisted the urge to smash her fist into his face. It was a close call, but she suppressed the urge, staying entirely silent until her bowling ball rolled back out of the machine that processed the thrown bowling balls. She picked it up.

“Just getting my ball,” she said, suppressed anger in her voice.

She was going to be calm. And mature.

On her way back to her own lane, she spotted some nachos that had been placed on a nearby table, clearly belonging to either Bradley or Isaac. Casually, she swung the arm that was holding the bowling ball a little. The bowling ball collided with the plate, knocking the nachos to the ground.

“Oops. My bad.”

Correction. She was going to be somewhat mature.
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