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Maxim watched Abby's every move, curious at first, then with growing fascination. She clearly knew what she was doing - of course she was, she wouldn't have set up a sale otherwise - but the way she was moving around, getting work done with such efficiency and glee at the same time, that really was something else. It was almost...invigorating to watch, yes. Maybe a bit overly dramatic the way he put it, but still.

Only when Cristo addressed him did he snap out of his sort-of-trance. Good question, actually. Had he ever baked before? One would have thought that he would have asked himself that question the second his friend had invited him to come and help out. But he hadn't, for some. In fact. he couldn't quite remember, actually- no right, there was that one time. Years back or so.

He shrugged. "I suppose saying I'm inexperienced would be a mild understatement. Tried it once, with my father helping me even. Still turned out...not that great." Maxim looked to the side, scratching his head. His scalp felt kind of itchy, he regretted not having showered earlier. Obviously too late for it now. Nothing he could do about it, except maybe scratch himself every once in a while when nobody was watching.

His gaze wandered back to the other two. About time he started actually being of help, enough time to loiter about later. "I should be able to work with a recipe though - basic stuff and such, can't be too hard, even for me. If you could hand it to me, that'd be nice."
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