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I think the balancing here was actually really cool. Somewhat swingy, but that can be fun. I'm a huge fan of eschewing conventional roles, and not having a cop/doctor is a very cool twist. I also love the use of negative utility roles here; Laure/Paige/Randomness really helped level out the playing field. I'd say the only two things I might've recommended changing would be a. possibly give the godfather a bit more zing/give scum some other minor PR (flavor cop or something) just because investigation immunity isn't worth much in a game with only a single one-shot investigation and b. maybe force Frogue and backslash to fight to the death instead of allowing allied victory (as it feels a bit like that was the assumed play pattern and by combining their powers they were able to form a really strong town block with Innocent Child + Mason +two people who know each others' roles are town-aligned). Even with that, I think scum had a fighting chance; we just got super unlucky with Deamon night one and probably should not have shot him again when there were semi-confirmed townies in play.

Also, Laure's jester play was great, and Rugga really took control of the game and had none of my nonsense. Town as a whole played this one quite well. I had a lot of fun.
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