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Well, fuck. Took all but a few sentences from Ben for Aiden to have to cover his own mouth with his hand, to avoid bursting out in a fit of laughter.

"Got his ass knifed....Fuck, man, that's a damn riot!" His words came through muffled and snorting, and he felt his palm getting all wet with his spit. Guh-ross.

His giggling lasted a few, in retrospect awfully painful seconds, before he caught his breath and removed his hand from his pie-hole. Not going well, nope. Getting distracted too easily, so he was. If only his dumb ass had remembered to take the meds sooner, all would be hunkily-donkey-dory by now, focusing and stuff. They had to come into effect sooner or later though, sure as shit. Rocky-ass start aside.

"Sorry, just, you saying a thing like that all serious looking and sounding and stuff...funny to me, you with me? Over now, I'm good, won't happen again, scout's honor!" He ended the sentence by pounding his chest just above his heart and giving a quick salute. Prolly looked goofy as hell, but screw it.

Aiden looked from Ben to Scarlett, then back at Ben. They'd show some understanding, right? Not like they were some bitter, crusty ol' fogeys. Dude maybe, but not Scarley Scarls, no way. Grump and not so grump. Yeah, that worked. Except his head was wanderin' up Trash fucking Alley again. Had to fucking pull himself together, for real this time.

"So, anyway, divine order, yup. No, natural order, yeah. Sounds like it'll work, sure does." He rubbed his forehead slightly, as if to look like he was actually using his savvy. Prolly saw right through him, so they did. Or maybe not. Normally, he'd have just admitted that he was in way over his beak. Head. But not now. Could just pretend like he was followin', so he could. Maybe he'd actually get it after a while. Eventually. Yeah, he would, for sugary sure. Crank up the optimism.

"Like, wanna split it all up? Everyone gets one act or two or so to go through, scan, take notes and shit, you follow me? Wait, there's five acts, right? Won't really work." Aiden looked around the room while tapping the tip of his nose. "Maybe just go through it together? Three Musketeers style?"
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