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Raina was okay. That was good. Still, the ground was damp enough to soak through Amanda's shoes and she wasn't keen on staying there much longer. Raina would probably be feeling much worse than that mild discomfort too.

"Ugh. Let's get to the pavement. No point standing around in the wet grass for any longer than we need to, right?" Amanda said, heading back towards the pavement. "It's starting to get a bit too bright for stars anyway, isn't it?"

The sky was starting to turn a vivid shade of orange in the distance. While the moon was still visible, only the brightest stars still remained visible. Amanda wasn't really into astronomy, in any case. She could maybe guess at Venus, and that was about it. Not a topic she really wanted to talk about for very long, especially since Raina seemed to know a thing or two about it.

"Anyway, it's just me here today. It's quite hard to find people willing to wake up at 5 on a weekend to go out on a jog, you know?" she said, half-jokingly. A jogging partner was a nice idea, but she'd never actually gone round looking for one. For one thing, Amanda liked to keep her jogs as a spontaneous choice, to run whenever she felt like it. Having someone to run with her would make it an obligation, and that was a bit too much for her.

"So, have you been here a while?" Amanda asked, putting her hands into her jacket pockets absent-mindedly. Still devoid of coins, of course. "It's quite rare to see you up and out at a time like this."
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