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@Boogie Yeah, I've been posting with less frequency than most people, but two reasons for that. One, is timezones, I'm 8 hours apart from both US' West Coast and London, most of the time I can only react to things after they happen. Two, I take a long time to think about things and don't really just throw my thoughts out in the moment, so I sometimes see a few posts come by while I'm posting when something big is happening. Besides, my posts are much clearer on what I think and where my suspicions come from, so people can more easily track what I'm doing. The coasting is more about the lack of explicit information in your posts than a straight out lack of posts.

Rugga seems to have hit the nail on the nose. In any case, if my claim is fake, the two flavour people would likely agree that it would be weird for Ricky to leave out Ben. He's mentioned in the flavour that Ben's his favorite queen and as a fan-favourite she's clearly town leaning. Since no one is counterclaiming Ben, you guys can see that my claim is solid.

Given everything we've had this game (hated, jester, me), there can't be more than one mafia member left. Honestly, I thought it'd be over last phase but nope. Unlikely that the rivals would be town+scum, since they apparently can win if they are both alive at the end.

Anyways, I've already said many times why I've found Boogie suspicious so I'm not going to reiterate.

Vote: dmboogie

We're at L-1 now? If this vote fails, I'm really unsure on targets. Does anyone have any secondary suspicion targets? I know I'm one, but for obvious reasons I don't think I'm scum and I've also given reasons why my claim is probably good.
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