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Aiden let out a short laugh. This guy, this frickin' guy.. Nowhere near the ultimate level of vexing-schmexing he had expected, nope. Kinda funny, really. But fuck was it hard to ignore his style of munching. Dude was like some sorta hungry, hungry hippo or something.

Wasn't going to look at his mouth again, noooope, nope nope nope - shit. Damn saucy waterfall right there. Saucy, heh. Literally. Still though, Bradman's point was kinda whack. Like, sorta out of context, pretty weak. Either that, or the guy was just making a damn joke. Couldn't tell. Especially when he was trying to avoid lookin' at him too much.

"Like, you're sort of shooting for the stars here, aren't ya? Blowing this outta proportion, true as truth. These guys are like, the absolute mofos, right? Top of the class. Dunno bout Tesla, forgot what the guy did."

He grinned. Had no shame admittin' that, nope.

"But like, me, I just wanna be able to live my life and all, you with me? Support a family, that sorta shit. Still a bazillion years in the future, but I already know I won't aim too high. Just do my thing and do it sort of right. Make my folks proud."
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