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Maxim nodded, once, twice - almost every third word out of Cristo's mouth was met with a nod. He was barely even catching what the other boy said, focusing more on making himself look as agreeable as possible - no, agreeable wasn't the right word, was it? Approving, consenting, that was probably it. He still wasn't as impeccably fluent as he would have liked to be. Bother.

This Cristo though, he seemed to know the ropes, be at home in the subject of localities. Knew his way around, well versed and all.

Too many synonyms. He really needed to stop thinking so much about what he was thinking - overthink everything. This guy here, he clearly was all relaxed, casual, didn't look like he was worrying about anything at all. Didn't look like it took him much or any effort either. Maybe that was what he, Maxim, should try. Be all casual. Worth a try, at least.

"Sounds good, yes, it does! I'd die for a good sandwich. Not, uh, literally, you know what I mean. " Maxim chuckled. Didn't feel like he was forcing himself to do so. Well, maybe a bit. But he was getting there or would eventually, at least. Maybe. Possibly.

"In any case, we have an agreement then, right? Meet up at the weekend and all." Yes, this was working out for him. Only had to seal the deal now. Like proper grown-ups. So much for casual.

Maxim, albeit reluctantly, extended one hand, reaching out towards Cristo over the table. He didn't like the prospect of touching someone else, but he needed to be sure, sure that Cristo was giving him his word, no empty promises, even though the boy certainly didn't look like one to do such a thing. Still, it had to be done. This one security, he would insist on.

"Shake on it?"

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