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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Sandy agreed with Nadia's assessment. Nadia looked back at some of the other pictures she had taken from the dance. Based on her idea for how to fill a yearbook spread for the dance, she was sure she could find better photos among her SD card. She already had one photo she could crop, so there were probably some that would require less editing.

Sandy then announced he was heading out and would pick this up tomorrow.

"That's cool," Nadia said."I've got some stuff to do now, so I'll probably come in tomorrow with more options."

Nadia watched as Sandy left the room. She could edit the one Sandy approved photo and then head home. She yawned, and began to edit. She couldn't wait to be done looking over these photos. They weren't the worst photos she had taken, but Nadia had found them less exciting compared to her regular photography.

Either way, a job is a job, so Nadia kept at work until it was time to leave.

((Nadia Riva continued in Flashing Lights))
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