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The old criss-cross, apple and sauce. Ben watched Beaks for a moment, glanced back at Scarlett. The two made for an odd dynamic, even when they were only interacting by taking up space. Another thing that was readily brushed aside in pursuit of academia. As infuriating as said academia happened to be.

"Wasn't really discussing, but yeah. The thought is that we can write something half decent on how events in the story are essentially the natural order being disrupted." Ben mulled over his own expository soliloquy for a moment. Wait, no, it was a monologue. Barring random interruptions by Beaks, at any rate. Monologue, that was the right term. All credit to the lit. terms worksheets from last month.

"Remembering that Mrs. Webber mentioned the importance of divine right at the time, the book's pretty obviously a pandering to the actual king. James the First, the book had his favorite subjects like witchcraft." This was why Ben had said this was a topic up his alley. Historically relevant, and thus personally relevant to his interests. Well. He was hardly super into pre-British Empire Britain- not enough guns- but close enough. "We could easily write an essay about the historical connotations with the symbolism." 'With the symbolism'. Man that sounded pretentious as fuck.

Ben's eyes flickered back down to his Macbeth, a copy half eroded into the sands of time that he had on loan from the school library. Every page turn was accompanied by an ominous creak, as if the page would fall off if molested any further. A few near misses on a library fine later and Ben had his mark. "Uh, 2.2. Whatever page that is in your versions." Ben didn't even bother to glance up, he knew that the editions of the book floating around in the class were diverse. Hand-me-downs, different bookstores. All of the maybe three that existed in Kingman as a whole, somehow stocking twenty different yet equally dog-eared versions of the same book.

"'It was the owl that shriek'd, the fatal bellman.' And the stuff about the crickets crying too, immediately after Duncan gets his ass knifed by Macbeth. Shit's going down in nature, probably, since the rightful king's dead and a pretender's usurped his throne." Ben realized he was probably going on a bit too much. Impolite, and ridiculous sounding to top it off. Ben was positive he wasn't the sort who could simply up and put on the guise of a nerd.
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