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(And then, there was only one (library)))
Dorothy was buried in her work. Not literally, but from a certain angle, especially when entering the library, you would see a pile of textbooks whining about math. If you move closer, you'd realize that an high school student was listening to a playlist on YouTube while calculating the slope of a curve.

If you tiptoed toward her without realizing it, you'd even see the doodle in her math book where flying pigs were eating the graphs and a young woman with butterfly wings dancing. The latter looked like a witch burning, though. She scratched it away with her ballpoint pen. Good riddance, she didn't need bad vibes while doing math.

She felt like throwing up, maybe it was because of the heat? So she took off her jacket. But her stomach was still feeling down, so she stuff a cracker in her mouth, trying to make the least amount of sound possible. She didn't want to get kicked out of the library for something dumb like eating. It was a basic need anyways. Nobody's going to care.
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