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Scarlett was a bit surprised that Aiden decided to sit on the floor but she tried to not show it too much. Which wasn't that hard to do. It felt strange that she had to look down at Aiden on the ground. He looked like a small little kid to her. She must have been a little too uneased to think a weird thought like that. Ben seemed to be calm about everything so far. That was a good start as long as Aiden didn't say anything that would annoy the both of them. Then everything was going to be alright. Scarlett was actually starting to feel a bit more relaxed.

Aiden was asking if there was anything that he needed to know about. She decided that she should get Ben to explain what they should do. Afterall it had been Ben's idea, not hers. "I think Ben should tell you about what we were discussing about." She nodded at Ben with a warm, small smile on her face. "I actually think Ben came up with something pretty good for us to do."
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