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Kizi distracted herself by nobbling ferociously at the various treats and snacks on display behind her, one ear on the conversation going on so as to be ready to intervene were a personality clash between Aiden and Clarice to materialise in some more tangible form. She had appreciated Clarice being so blunt and forthright, in hindsight. She would not have spotted the signs herself, and may have ended up forcing the two duos into a more direct conversation.

"Yeah, standard school friend stuff," she said, adding a fellow addendum to Aiden's own explanation. A summary, as it were.

And after his line about the uppercut, she clenched her fist and pretended to drive it into his chin. Her motions were too slow, even at its fastest, to be able to deliver anything more than a negligible bump, but she made sure to stop an inch from his chin anyway. "Yeah, he's right about that. Can't dance a bit."
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