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"Eh, I'm sceptical," Bradley continued, his style of eating slowly transitioning into something - normal was the wrong word - more dignified. He still ate around any quasi-solid vegetables, any that went into his mouth collateral damage from his ravenous devouring of the meat, but at the very least was no longer proactively flicking them onto the table. He still left various juices and sauces dribbling down his chin, but at least now had the awareness to occasionally wipe them off with a swipe of his forearm. And while he still talked with his mouth full, at least he did not listen with his mouth full.

Bradley wasn't naturally a messy eater.

He just liked the strong reactions it provoked in some people. Beaks wasn't gonna attend to that craving.

"See, Bill Gates dropped out. Lincoln dropped out. Ted Turner got kicked out because he was caught fucking around," Bradley continued, with all the insight of a guy who read a Buzzfeed article once, though he would never dare admit that. "Thomas Edison dropped out. I don't think Nikola Tesla dropped out. And who made the most money?"
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