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At her command, Irene got up and did what Jasmine politely asked her to do. Yes, just like how a loyal subject should. Wait, no. She frowned slightly. As she was trying to state before her lackadaisical mind got to her a little bit the queen persona could definitely grow old if she performed under it for too long. That didn’t mean she hated it - quite the opposite, in fact - but she preferred doing it more in small doses than for long periods of time. At least then the joke had been unused for long enough for it to be kinda funny and/or entertaining for her and jesus christ had Irene not seen a TV before? Jasmine stared, looking at her friend with one eye open further than the other. Surely it didn’t take her this long for her to turn the TV on at home, right? Irene was definitely smart but occasionally she had moments in which Jasmine wondered what was going on in there, with what was happening now being used as a prime example.

But eventually, she managed to turn the TV on. A clap and a cheer echoed through the room as soon as Jasmine saw the familiar blue screen of the DVD player. Part legitimate, part mocking. She figured Irene wouldn’t mind, considering the latter had previously given the former far worse. No examples she could think of, but they existed. You’d just have to take her on that.

Irene then said that they’d watch (again) and the watching/question time section had now apparently began. They had currently spent more time on questions than they had watching Sherlock so far but that was fine by Jasmine. Really part of this was so that she could talk to her friend and in the best case scenario get some stuff out of her. Well, in the case of best case scenario that was more something that wasn’t an intent but would be amazing if it happened. The aim of this was for them to chat together while they watched. Nothing more, really, but still, getting gossip would be a side effect of that which she wouldn’t mind.

But regardless, Irene asked her a question. It seemed fit that Jasmine answer her.

“I wasn’t that busy. I could easily spare a couple hours every fortnight to watch the episodes live. Just like how you procrastinate on your homework playing whatever the name of that game is you play.”
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past