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Brendan didn't suspect to see that Michael was right behind him. What was he saying? Brendan's voice must have really been too quiet for Darius to hear. He really didn't want Michael to start anything right now. Brendan had just wanted to say a quick hello and then a goodbye. Then he would have heading off home with no problems. He really should have taken a different route. This had been a big mistake. Michael really did scare Brendan a little. It didn't help that Michael was up really close to his face with a slightly creepy grin on his own. Brendan really wanted to leave this territory fast.

"I....I'm sorry....." Brendan was still speaking in a quiet voice as his hand was gripping more tightly around the handle of his plastic bag and his eyes were now focused down to the ground. He felt like he was getting scolded by a parent for doing something bad. "I..... Um.... I guess I didn't say hi loud enough...."

Brendan really didn't want to look at Michael as he knew that Michael would possibly still be on his case. Brendan covered his mouth and he let out a small cough. He had been getting a sore throat lately. He should have brought some cough sweets. But he couldn't really think about that right now. He was stuck talking to a guy who he was actually afraid of.
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