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Rorick Skyve
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There they were, Ben all down to earth, while Scarlett was sitting on her couch like it was a plushy throne or something. Curly and the Grump, sure made for a functional duo. Throw in a little Beaks and you have - something less functional, to be sure. Just like they said, two's company, three's a crowd. He wasn't deluding himself, those two were prolly even a whole lot smarter than he was. But that was fine. He was mostly there to add some spice anyway. Other two could use some of that, sure as shit.

He eyed the empty spot on the coach, then glanced at the ground.Tempting, yeah. Buuut then again, maybe not. Woulda been kinda weird, with him next to Scarley Scarls and Ben going solo on the ground. Besides, couch didn't look that comfortable anyway. Bit more space to himself sounded a whole frickin lot better, yup. Floor it was, then, fitting, seeing how he needed to get to the bottom of things. Better keep that pun to himself though - not his best work.

"Ground's fine by me. Looks comfy enough." Without as much as another word, he practically leaped to the spot next to the couch, then let himself drop and get into a cross-legged position. He was now staring up at the other two like some kiddie expecting gifts or something like that. Knew he wouldn't get any, but what the hell.

In any case, it was time to get serious. That assignment sure wasn't no walk in the fucking park, more like a rooftop parkour. He had to give it his goddamn all, owed that much to his sis. Well, to those two as well, even though he didn't really like Ben all that much, dude seemed like he could use a shot of vitality straight in the veins. Scarlett was nice enough. Seemed a bit bothered by something, but that was prolly just her thinking really hard. He'd try and do the same, even though he prolly wasn't going to be much of a help.

"So, what do we have so far? I didn't exactly think about our task and stuff during my little break, so like...anything you wanna share?"
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